Akcakoca is 40 km (24 mile) far to Duzce. Akcakoca is both a town and district of Duzce Province, in the Black Sea region of Turkey, located about 200 km east of Istanbul. The town was named after a Turkish chieftain of the 14th century CE who captured the area for the Ottoman Empire, and sports a statue in his honor. The town features a modern mosque of unusual design. Touristic attractions include beaches and a small ruined castle. It is the regional center of hazelnut cultivation. The mayor is Fikret Albayrak.

The geographical location of Akçakoca is very attractive for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It has vast forestry area, plateaus, waterfalls, long seashore, beaches, natural caves, rafting on Big Melen river, sailing, water sports and fishing in the Lake of Hasanlar Dam, Efteni Lake with 150 kinds of birds, and the Karduz Plateau which is covered with snow all year round.

Akcakoca is a town where Melen River meets Black Sea of Turkey. Melen River, is a river in the province of Duzce in Turkey. It takes its name from the village which it flows. Melen River born within the boundaries of the district Yigilca. It is poured into the Black Sea from the village of Melenagzi nearby disctrict of Akcakoca.

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