Ahlat is 65 km (40 mile) far to Bitlis. Ahlat is a historic town and a district in Turkey’s Bitlis Province in Eastern Anatolia Region. The center town of Ahlat is situated on the northwestern coast of the Lake Van. She was the district in Van Province between 1929-1936. The mayor is Abdulalim Mumtaz Coban (MHP).

In the accounts of Nasir Khusraw the town of “Akhlat” is mentioned once: “And from there (Van) we arrived at akhlat in the 18th of Jumada al-awwal and this town marks the borders of Armenians and Muslims, … an Emir ruled there which they called Nassr-ol-dolat and had many sons and had appointed them as district governors within his kingdom. In this town three languages are spoken: Taazi (Arabic), Persian, and Armenian and I think that’s why they call this town Akhlat (Arabic word from the roots “Kha-la-ta” which means “mix, to mix”.). They used coins worth 300 Dirhams each.”

Ahlat and its surroundings are known for the large number of historic tombstones left by the Ahlatshah dynasty. Efforts led by the local administration are presently being made with a view to including the tombstones in UNESCO’s World Heritage List,where they are currently listed tentatively.

In recent years, Ahlat also came to be known for the quality of its potatoes which carved themselves a sizable share in the Turkish agricultural products market.

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