Acipayam is 56 km (34 mile) far to Denizli.  Acipayam is the biggest district of Denizli Province with its area in 1700 km2. Its altitude is 950 m. over the sea level. Acipayam takes part in the southwest of Anatolian Peninsula and in the southeast of Aegean Region. It is on a crossing point between Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. Acipayam has border to Tefenni, Yesilova, Golhisar and Cavdir Districts which belong to Burdur Province in the East, Tavas, belongs to Denizli, in the West, Serinhisar and Cardak, belong to Denizli in the North, Cameli and Koycegiz in the South.

The name Acıpayam means bitter almond (payam being a loanword from Persian) in the local dialect, the town was formerly named Garbipayam and Garbikaraagac.

The plain has been settled since 2000 BC, and Hittites were here in 1500 BC, followed by the Ancient Greeks and more civilizations up to the Byzantines and then the arrival of the Turkish peoples. From 1097 the area was in the hands of the Seljuk Turks. Turkish rule was interrupted by the Crusades but afterwards was settled by the Oghuz Turks and eventually was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.

As well as agriculture some of Denizli’s textile industry has spread to Acıpayam too, where there is a cellulose factory. In the past the people would migrate seasonally to pick tobacco or cotton in other parts of Turkey, today this is not necessary.

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