Kas 188 km (116 mile) away from Antalya center. The beautiful tourist resort village of Kas, Turkey is on a hill running down to the Mediterranean Sea. The area has a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters which is ideal for growing oranges, lemons and bananas. The lowland areas are also planted with cut flowers and a variety of fruits and vegetables of which many are grown year round in greenhouses. The hillsides are excellent for producing honey and almonds while at high altitudes there are extensive pine forests. The weather is also much drier at higher altitudes and so is less humid. Although agriculture is still important tourism has become the main source of income in the district with many hotels, guest houses, bars and restaurants. The tourist season is generally between late April and continues through October. On Republic Day – October 29th, there is a huge celebration in the town square Tourists, Kas locals and outlying villagers all gather in Kaş to celebrate. There is lots of Turkish music, dancing and drinking  especially raki and also called Lions Milk which is the unofficial national drink.

Kas has several rocky or pebble beaches but they are quite small – most are less than 10 meters wide. However the rock shelves are wonderful for sun and sea bathing. These are populated by cafes and restaurants which provide free loungers. In return you are expected, but not obliged, to buy drinks, snacks or food from them. The town has many decent hotels and restaurants and is a bustling centre for adventure activity holidays. The main season is from April through the end of October. There are various ways to get to Kas from the airport in Antalya. The easiest way, and the most expensive, is by taxi. You can hire a taxi in the airport which is generally more expensive, or you can book a transfer from the hotel where you will be staying or Kairos Travel agency. You can take a mini-bus or dolmus, however they stop in every small village along the way which takes more time. There are also direct overnight bus services between Istanbul and Kas, a rather inexpensive way of getting to and from the capital. Bus services in Turkey are very modern and generally excellent and, should you want to get to Istanbul, you may prefer spending the night in the bus and waking up in Istanbul the next morning rather than wasting a whole day traveling to the airports for a local flight. The bus station in Kas is located right at the centre of town on the side of main square.

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