Göksu Taurus born in the bosom of the river, extending from the Mediterranean sun sets out the ground twice during the journey. The first of Göksu steppe sunset near the town of outputs, and the latter 116 kilometers southwest of Konya Çiftepınar Hadim position near the village of Almond. Here, approximately 500 meters long, dark corridor passing through the underground re-meet in the sky. At this point, which is one of the arms of Karasu, curled a 20-meter cliff fall from the poplar trees Göksu mixed. At the confluence of two rivers, waterfalls and cave formations in the mouth emerges a natural wonder.

The icy clear waters and the rocks pass into the cave çağıldadığı Yerköprü able to climb the left side of waterfall. However, the necessary equipment to carry with you, need to use a Mac or a diving suit. The walls of the cave with stalactites and stalagmites, patiently created by centuries of water emerges as an interesting detail. As a result of blockage of the waterfalls of the valley behind the dam should also have a natural. Established in this area is believed to be curative in a small power plant on earth is a source of Karasu.

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