The Tortum waterfall cascading into Lake Tortum, 103 km to the north of Erzurum, is a wonder of nature. The Tortum Waterfall was the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Turkey. Since the completion of the Tortum Dam and Hydroelectric Plant in 1960, water is drawn from the lake through channels and tunnels, and allowed to rush down into the turbines. The waterfall is fed only from the surplus water and thus now functions only for a very short period during the months of May and June when the water level of the lake is exceptionally high. During the other months the bed of this magnificent waterfall is almost dry.

There is a recreation area around the waterfall for tourists visiting the site. An observation platform allows the visitors a close sight to the waterfall. A staircase leads to the underneath of the waterfall.

After the great waterfall with its drop of 48 m (157 ft), the river flowed over a series of cascades until its arrival in the Tev Valley. The combination of cascades and waterfall is particularly beautiful.

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