Siran and Tomara waterfals are located in Gumushane. The Tomara Waterfall is on the 14 km southwest of Siran province and 2 km from Seydibaba village. It flows from 10 m height into the river. It is surrounded by nut, oak, beech trees. Food can be obtained from Seydibaba village but for accomodation one should have a tent and a sleeping bag. Also, 20 glacier lakes near the Abdal Musa Hill, which is 3331 m amorg the Balaban mountains, are on the south west of Gumushane and they are worth seeing. Untouched, pure beauties, these lakes which freeze during winter can be seen after a 2-3 hours walk from Gumustug village.

There are no facilities in the vicinity of the waterfall. You need to bring your own camping gear if you intend to stay. Basic necessities can be purchased locally.

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