Sutuven Falls, Kaz Mountains National Park is a natural phenomenon in the other. The world’s most important repositories of oxygen Kaz Mountains, a region of remarkable biological diversity and its canyons. Hill slopes overlooking the Gulf of Edremit Sarikiz gushing springs, streams and waterfalls into the sea as it receives the right way.

Canakkale Izmir highway, part of the 20th Altınoluk Edremit kilometer, Olive Sutven Waterfall village is reached by following signs. Reached the two-kilometer dirt road from the village of Beyoba waterfall area, a picnic and recreation areas are. Born in Highland Creek on the Sutüven Kızılkeçili Sarıkız name high in the waterfall, “tüven” or “jumping” means water. Slopes of the mountains overlooking the sea, waterfalls, leaping over rocks foreshadowing the right to name the surface of the pond is reduced. Foaming, pouring water 17 feet high, covered with pine forests and cool in the valley.

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