The Sudusen Waterfall is located to the south of Termal – uvezpinar village and the waterfall and its environ provides rare natural beauties for visitors.  Flowing curly towards the Marmara Region, the different kinds of streams sourced (sprung) from Mount Samanli, falling over high cliffs or rock they reach at, form insteresting, spectacular sights. There are three big and important falls in Yalova borders. These are Sudusen Waterfalls. Erikli Waterfalls and Catdere Wa­terfalls. Sudusen Waterfalls are near Thermal Springs. Sudusen Waterfalls are accessed by a relaxing hiking gait through Uvezpinar Village. Erikli Waterfalls  is loca­ted on Erikli Brook in Erikli, in Cmarcik.Erikli Brook flows froming many small cascades. The biggest one among those cascades, near Delmece Plateau, is called “Buyuk Waterfalls”. Caldere is the biggest waterfall on the west of city (Yalova). Caldere Waterfall is located on Caldere Brook, flowing along the borderline of Armutlu.

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