The Muradiye waterfalls are signed on the west side of the main Dogubeyazit road, some 20km north of the junction with the road from Tatvan and past the village of Muradiye. A wooden bridge gives good views of the frothing twenty-metre falls, and leads to a large cafe and kebab house on the far bank. From here there are riverside walks along the stream and through cool poplar woods. One kilometre south of the falls is an old bridge known as Seytan  Köprüsü (Devil’s Bridge), spanning the deep gorge. The valley channels birds migrating north from Lake Van and hundreds of species, some rare, can be observed during a short period in May. In May/June, the fields around also contain two stunning examples of the region’s flora – a huge chocolate-and-white coloured iris and a brilliant red phelepya.

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