There are five villages in Macahel, which is attached to Borçka township in Turkey’s far eastern Artvin province. The regional capital is the village of Camili where the guesthouse is also located. Other settlements in the valley include the villages of Düzenli, Efeler, Maral and Uğurlu. The valley is surrounded by the 3500 meter-high Karçal Mountains. In the mountains, glacier lakes lie strung over Macahel like pearls. There are several highlands in the region, but the most significant are Beyazsu Highland in the foothills of the mountains, and the famous Gorgit Highland with its pristine natural forests and rich variety of flora and fauna. These aged trees that have managed to survive untouched by man are a source of wonder.

Karçal Mountains (3415 meters) dominates the three arms that decorate the Maral Macahel Valley Falls, falls from a height of 65 meters close. Of spruce and beech trees with colorful butterflies, a steep path down the slope leading down to the waterfall is quite challenging. Sometimes the roots of large trees, and sometimes it helps villagers walk the wooden stairs. By a flat surface, like a table in front of the utmost delicacy standing Maral Waterfall forget all your weariness. The water pouring meters high, creating a lake-sized swim.

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