Web Valley 3300 meters height from the bosom of the mountains, the country is one of the largest national parks. Tunceli began within 8 kilometers from the city center park glacial lakes, waterfalls and rich flora poured through the valley deserves this title.

Valley of steep slopes, the Web, Ovacik By the flatness of the four cells on the one hand and a small waterfall creates simmering. These cells to enhance the natural resources of the park, creating Munzur water waterfalls along the valley is larger. Coral Creek is one of the two valleys formed by the Munzur Mountains down to the valley is situated on the slopes Kırkmerdiven Falls, a very high flowing waters of a narrow canyon is very impressive visually. Rays of the sun completely illuminates the steep valley at noon, bringing high flow of rainbows over waterfalls. Kırkmerdiven Falls, near the town of Ovacik village 5 kilometers Elbaba. Access to the egress point of the uplands of the region Ovacik, but able to walk two hours. Region of waterfalls and indigenous plants and wildlife is a very interesting place.

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