Duzce – Güzeldere waterfall is an amazing spectacle. A river pours over 120-meter high rocks. Just imagine a football field and tilt it towards the sky and add 10 meters more on it. The water falls from one goal to the other. You can walk down the wooden steps following the water crashing down. The sound and the scenery are very exciting. You feel the ground is shaking beneath your feet and you are awe-struck with such an irrestrainable force of nature.

In the vicinity, one other natural attraction to be seen is the Karagol. This is a lake surrounded with beech and hornbeam trees and wild mountain roses. It is like a gem hidden in nature. The surface of the lake is covered with leaves. There are reeds and wild roses on its shores. You end your tour here listening to the chorus of frogs, the inhabitants of the lake.

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