Gunpınar Waterfall is among a few of the natural waterfalls of Turkey and it is the most beatiful excursion spot in Malatya. It is 8 km. to Darende, 5 km. to Malatya-Kayseri main road 5 km. hiking to the source of Günpınar waterfalls is a feeling beyond words. When you reach to the top of waterfalls, you may see the waterfalls from above which the visitors look from the ground. You should live this feeling. At the same time, Günpınar waterfalls are important from health point of view. Gunpınar waterfalls are where the negative ions are constantly produced in a natural way.
The main reason for sicknesses such as the business of the city, depression, asthma, muscle fatigue is the large number of positive ions we take. Thus you may be relieved of your stress by coming to Günpınar waterfalls thanks to marvellous natural negative ions.

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