Girlevik waterfall is located in the Çağlayan Stream which is at 29 km southeast of Erzincan, and is a promenade location famous for its natural chill and beauty. Girlevik Waterfall allows a suitable medium for climbing as Stalactites form in winter season and a chilly water for cooling in summer season and therefore attracts numerous local and foreign tourists to the region. Waters and lush green texture of this miracle of nature that affect people, three kilometers from the town can get to the waterfall Munzur Mountains foothills. One kilometer from the village of Kalecik a rocky waterfall boiling point of water in nine different areas, from a height of 40 meters close to a three-stage falls naturally into a pool.White bubbles floating through the lush vegetation, waterfalls, offers viewers a colorful visual feast. In winter, extreme cold, frozen stalactites, rock climbing, climbers and mountaineers the opportunity to provide a good education.

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