Daday and the districts of Kastamonu Azdavay Ballıdağ high as a barrier that separates the lush water resources, forests, and the type of herb and plant brings life to the region. 1700 meters at the sunset reflecting the shadow of the evening, the town of Azdavay Ballıdağ, keeps the foot numerous natural beauties. One of them, taking the name of the county is within the boundaries of a cascade of Azdavay.

Around a century-old mills because of the “Başdeğirmen also known as” the waterfall, the district is located within 13 kilometers. Instead, now transformed into a promenade mills Contour Little remains today.  The palace, this small waterfall near the village, highway 5th km Daday-Azdavay Gümürtler of village road making a turn separation is reached. Combining the two arms, and where he had fallen, and calca Sarpun creeks that make up a small pool of water, down the creek and meet Devrekani positions. Images, the scene resembled a rainbow of colors in the fall from the waterfall, the atmosphere takes on a mysterious and sometimes under a cloud of fog.

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