Black Sea province of Rize city, one of eminent place 40 kilometers away from the valley where the town of Ikizdere, such as a door opening to different worlds. If you continue straight asphalt mixes İkizdere -Rize connect  to 2600 meter high Ovit mountain in Erzurum, Turkey’s second-highest gateway connects Ovit, right turn, famous for its honey with Kabahor Anzer Plateau Creek, turn left Cimil Valley has made friends with clouds is reached.

Başköy dirt road about 40 kilometers, consisting of Ortakoy Cimil Plateau and continues until Yetimhoca villages. Rocks, hidden in the forest on the historical Silk Road is a Çağırankaya waterfall experience discrimination. Egvane (Avvane) Falls, a narrow slit in the forest with enough force that divides the flowing.  Pouring through the pine trees by sets Akirgel Falls, the largest of the valley. Yellow and purple dye from the forest around the spring of roses Akirgel creates an imaginary image.

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