Tatlarin Underground City is 22 km (13 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Opened to visit in 1991, Tatlarin is located 10 km north of the Acigol district. Only two floors of this underground city are open to visit and it is named as castle by the local people.

Tatlarin Underground City is larger than the others and holds more churches compared to them, which supports the conviction that it was a military or religious settlement instead of an ordinary residential area of the public.

Original entrance of the Underground City was demolished. A tunnel of about 15 m finishes in a large hall. The entrance is closed to the unpermitted intrusions with the aid of huge slide stones with holes as is the case in other underground cities. Three skeletons found in the right of the entrance give the impression that it was a creepy dungeon.

One of the two underground cities with toilet, Tatlarin has five warehouses on the base. Further more there is a slide stone in the narrow and traverse corridor which interrupts the connection between the first big are and second big area.

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