Guzelyurt Underground City is 38 km (23 mile) far to Aksaray centurum. Southeast of Aksaray the peaceful small town of Guzelyurt stands on the edge of a gorge full of dramatic rock formations. For those who relish authenticity, this is one of the parts of Cappadocia where traditional life lives on in its most unaltered form.

Not far from the Buyuk Kilise Cami you’ll find the entrance to one of Guzelyurt’s two underground cities, pieces in a complex network of hiding places that can be found all over Cappadocia and are believed to date back in part to Hittite times. This one shows clear signs of later reuse with tandir ovens cut into the ground for cooking, but its most famous feature is its squat toilet, isolated along a narrow corridor and the only such convenience so far identified in the underground cities.

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