Derinkuyu Underground City is 31 km (19 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The biggest underground city in Cappadocia Region.  Being host of many civilizations in the history, this city was used for defense and hiding purposes during spread of Christianity. Furthermore, “marble eagle statue” found in an area closed to visit proves that this underground city was also used during the Roman period. In this huge city which can meet the accommodation, defense, food and worship requirements of thousands of people is also located barn, cellar, dining hall, church, winery, school of missionaries and burial chambers. Confessionals, baptism pool and well are among the most attracting places of the city.

Total number of floors of Derinkuyu is not clearly known, but 8 floors are open to visit. In this city which was constructed deep in the underground before very long years, you will witness the history.


Barn, winery, school of missionaries and baptistery are located on this floor. The first floor is the top floor which also has the entrance.


In the parts of the 2nd floor which are open to visit are areas used as sitting room, a cell used as entrance of the underground city today, kitchen, following the kitchen, a chamber stated to be used as barn, winery and a cellar for foodstuff.


The 3rd floor is a ventilation shaft which descends all floors of the underground city. Furthermore a tunnel located on the 3rd floor is connected to the Kaymaklı underground city which is 9 km far from this city.


There are sitting rooms and bedrooms as well as cellars for foodstuff.


On the fifth floor which is considered as distribution center of the underground city, there are landing platform where tunnel coming from the 3rd floor ends, ventilation shaft, interconnected rooms following the shaft and start of the tunnel which connects the 5th floor and 7th floor.


It is a tunnel which connects the 5th floor and 7th floor. It is a check point to ensure security.


There are meeting hall, burial chamber, church, a hall following the church and water well. The 7th floor is the largest area of the underground city. Meeting hall is located in the center. The tunnel starting at the 5th floor extends to the 7th floor. The 7th floor is accessed with 4 descending stairs.


It is a tiny room with a ventilation shaft. In order to find out depth of the underground cities, ventilation shafts and wells are examined but depth of Derinkuyu could not be determined exactly. Based on the ventilation shaft near the entrance, the depth is 40m. Considering the well which is located on the 7th floor and has no connection with the earth surface, the depth is about 85 m. In Derinkuyu, there are 52 wells and ventilation shafts with depth varying between 70m and 85m.

Coincidentally discovered in 1963, the city was opened to visit in 1965 by the General Directorate of Ancient Monuments and Museums.

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