The Old Turkish bath is among the most popular and visited traditional Turkish baths in Fethiye. It was constructed during the 15th century because only a few people in the city have their own bathrooms. Over the years the Old Turkish bath in Fethiye declined. Today it is owned by a man from Izmir who has it renovated completely and who did his best to preserve its original architecture. Because of its authentic atmosphere and a wide range of services the bath in Fethiye draws the interest of people from all over the world.

Paying a visit to the Old Turkish bath in Fethiye you will be impressed by its architecture, especially by its roof that is dominated by a large classical dome. The interior consists of two separate sections – one for men and another one for women. Each section consists of three rooms designed according to the original Turkish bath concept.

Entering the Old Turkish bath in Fethiye you will experience one of the authentic features of the Turkish culture. You will be introduced to the cold room – the place where you can prepare yourself for the Turkish bath experience. You will change your clothes with the special cloth known as pestemal. You will need to this pestemal during your whole stay in the bath and you aren’t advised to take it off because it is considered a rude action. You will place your clothes in the private cubicles that will be at your convenience during the bathing. In the cold room you will receive detailed instructions about the facilities in each room and the experience itself.

The cold room is followed by the warm room. This is the place where you have to adapt your body to the temperature change with the help of regular steam flows. You can stay in the warm room as long as you want.

As soon as you feel ready for the real Turkish bath experience, you can enter the hot room. If you aren’t in a perfect health condition, you will not be allowed to enter it because of the high temperature (55 – 60 C). In the hot room you will lie on a large marble platform where you will enjoy the Turkish bath procedures. In the Old Turkish bath in Fethiye you can take the advantage to try various procedures such as exfoliation, soap massage with olive oil soap, head wash with shampoo, rose oil massage, aromatherapy massage, local massage, face masks.

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