Sultanahmet Hamami was built in the 17 th century as a hamam. The hamam is tastefully renovated without changing the architectural specialities. Sultanahmet Park Hamam  Sultanahmet Hamam, also known as the Park Hamam, is an old Turkish bath located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul – Sultanahmet. The hamam was built during the 17th century and from that moment on it has been drawing the interest of people from all over the world. Today it is still among the most preferred places for relaxation. The Sultanahmet Hamam still keeps some fragments from its original architecture influenced by the reign of the Ottoman Empire. It consists of three major sections – a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. Each section is spacious and is divided according to the sex of the visitors (either for men and women). For sure you will like the atmosphere of each room that is made in its own style.

In the cold room of the Park Hamam you can change your clothes and take the bath towel, especially provided for you. Your clothes and other personal possessions will be stored in a cabinet that are only for private use. The usage of these cabinets is included in the total price of your Sultanahmet Hamam experience. If you want you can also have a cup of fresh drink before proceeding with the procedures. In the warm section you will have the chance to get used to the atmosphere of the bath – the temperature is higher than the one in the cold room and it will help you to prepare yourself for the real experience. In the warm room you will be served some drinks of your choice.

The real hamam experience starts in the hot room. The temperature in the hot room is quite high so if you think that you will not stand it because of any health problems it is not advisable to enter the hot room. The temperature varies from 40 C to 60 C and it will provide you the chance to sweat as long as you can. The hot room is the ideal place where you can relax and forget about the routine of your daily round. You can take the advantage to rub your body using special bath gloves and to try one of the calming massages. You can stay in the hot room as long as you want. The kind staff will assist you during your whole stay in the Park Hamam. They will advise you what the best procedure or massage for you is. You can trust them because they all are experienced professionals. After your stay in the hot room, you can either go for a rest in the special cabinets or have a cup of a traditional Turkish drink.

If this is your first time in a Turkish bath, you may feel tired but this feeling doesn’t last long.

Other services included in your Sultanahmet Hamam experience are the soap massage, peeling, washing, rental of a cabinet for your possessions, towel and slippers. You can also arrange the special tellak service.

The unique atmosphere of the Park Hamam can hardly be described with simple words. You just have to pay a visit to it and feel with your own senses the traditional spirit of the Turkish hamam!

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