Sefa Hamam is located in 30 minutes away from city centurum. The Sirinyer Sefa Hamam is a famous Turkish bath located in Izmir. It belongs to the modern Turkish baths in the area as it was constructed in the middle of the 20th century. The Sirinyer Sefa Hamam was destroyed in the early 1990s and a year later it was restored. Today it is among the most visited Turkish baths in Izmir as it offers the unique atmosphere of the traditional Turkish bath. The Sirinyer Sefa Hamam is divided into two separate sections – one for men and another one for women. It consists of three main rooms according to the original Turkish bath concept. There is a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. Each section in the Sirinyer Sefa Hamam is supplied with all the facilities you may need for your unique Turkish bath experience. There are also dressing rooms and rooms for rest.
Entering the bath you will be introduced to the cold room. This is the place where you can change your clothes with the special cloth known as pestemal. It is a big towel that you will use during your stay in the bath. You can place you personal clothes and possessions in the dressing rooms that will be for your private use while being there. Here you will also receive useful information about the Turkish bath experience and the kind staff will provide you timely assistance any time you want. You will feel their hospitality as soon as you enter the Sirinyer Sefa Hamam../p>
After the cold room you will enter the warm section. This is the place where you will have the chance to adapt your body to the temperature changes that awaits you in the hot room. Because of regular steam flows you can easily adjust yourself to the hot temperatures. Your experience in the warm room is also a kind of test because some visitors can’t stand the heat and they aren’t allowed to enter the hot room. If you think that you don’t feel well because of the high temperature, you have to inform the staff. A team of professionals will take care of you so that you can feel comfortable. You can stay in the warm room as long as you want! To provide you a pleasant atmosphere, the staff will serve you some traditional Turkish drinks that will refresh you!
The real experience in the Sirinyer Sefa Hamam starts as soon as you enter the hot room – here you can spoil yourself with some nice procedures. You can start with the traditional ones such as washing and peeling. You can also arrange the special tellak service and your body will be scrubbed down. The feeling is amazing and will make you feel relaxed! Lying on the special platform, you can try one of the massages offered in the bath. They will really make your experience complete.
After the hot room, it is quite possible to feel exhausted so you can go for a nap in the rest room. It is a spacious and calm place and you will like it very much! You can also visit the sauna and continue sweating! No matter which procedure you choose while being in the Sirinyer Sefa Hamam, there is no doubt that you will have great time!

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