The Sifa Hamam also belongs to the old traditional Turkish baths in Istanbul. No one knows exactly when this bath was constructed. The only historical evidence about the Sifa Hamam is that it was restored and opened for visitors in the end of the 18th century. Apart from this, the Sifa Hamam impresses with its unique architectural style and it is still a preferred place for relaxation and entertainment in the metropolitan city. The Sifa Hamam is located in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Istanbul – the Sulatnahmet square and because of its key location it is visited by many tourists.

The hamam is only for male visitors. Women are not allowed there. All services provided there are suitable for men!

Visiting the Sifa Hamam, you will have a memorable Turkish bath experience. The building consists of three main sections – the cold room, the warm room and the hot room. There are also several spare rooms and special cabins where you can leave your possessions! Here you will enjoy an authentic Turkish bath experience. In the cold room you will be welcomed by the staff. In the entrance hall you will be asked to change your clothes and place them in the private cabinet arranged for you! You can place there your possessions too. Staying in the cold room you will get all the useful information related to your stay in the bath. You will be advised what to do while being in each room so that you can guarantee your comfortable stay.

After the cold room you will be introduced to the warm room. In this section you will have the chance to prepare yourself for the real experience in the Turkish bath. If you want you can rest and have a cup of traditional Turkish beverage. In the warm room you will also prepare your body for the heat in the hot room. The kind staff will be at your convenience at any time you want. They are professionals and have deep knowledge about all the procedures. They can also give you the best advice related to your health condition so that you can take the most of your stay in the Sifa Hamam. If you have any health problems or if you think that you can’t stand the heat in the hot room – the temperature there is more than 50 C, you should let the staff know. They will not allow you to enter the hot room but you will not miss the relaxing atmosphere of the Turkish bath because they will offer a wide range of interesting activities that you can do while staying in the other sections of the bath.

Entering the hot room, you will be able to experience its unique atmosphere. A special team of therapists will take care of you during your stay. You can wash and peel your body. You can also try the typical Turkish soap massage. The feeling is just amazing! The only risk here is wanting to stay longer! There are also various other massages such as a peeling massage and a foam massage and no matter which one you choose, you will release the stress of the boring daily routine. In the hot room is provided also the special tellak service and you shouldn’t miss it! In the hot room of the Sifa Hamam you can stay as long as you want. In the middle of the section you will find a small table where Turkish coffee and some other drinks are served! If you feel tired and exhausted because of the high temperatures, you can go to one of the spare rooms and have a nap.

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