The Keceli Hamam is one of the best known traditional Turkish baths in Bursa. No one knows exactly the time when it was founded. It is said that the Keceli Hamam dates back to the 14th century when it was used only by women. Today it is still a Turkish bath visited only by women. Recently the famous Asanoba family has restored the bath and they did their best to preserve its original architecture. The Keceli Hamam is quite small as its capacity is only for 16 visitors. It is among the most preferred places for relaxation in Bursa because of its nice and calming atmosphere that can meet the expectations even of the most sophisticated clients.

Paying a visit to the Keceli Hamam you will have the chance to enjoy an authentic Turkish bath experience. There are three separate rooms – a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. Here you can take the most of your Turkish bath experience because the bath is supplied with all the facilities you may need for your pleasant stay. It is reputed to be among the cleanest Turkish baths in the area. There are some automatically locked dressing rooms that will be for your private use during your whole stay in the bath.

Your Turkish bath experience in the Keceli Hamam will start in the cold room. In this section you have to change your clothes with the special cloth known as pestemal. You have to wear it during your stay and taking it off can be considered as a rude action! You will place your clothes and possessions in the above mentioned dressing rooms. The staff in the Keceli Hamam is extremely kind and hospitable. They will assits you every step of your stay providing you all the useful information related to the experience itself!

The cold room is followed by the warm room. In the warm section of the Keceli Hamam you have to adjust your body to the temperature change and to get used to it with the help of regular steam flows. Here the temperature is higher than in the cold room where it is moderate. You can spend as much time as you want in the warm room and meanwhile you will enjoy the nice music and some traditional Turkish drinks. Being in the warm room a team of therapists will take care of you. If you aren’t in a perfect health condition or if you think that you can’t stand the heat in the next section – the hot room, you should let them know. In such cases they will advise you how to proceed with your Turkish bath experience. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about anything you want to know about the procedures and the facilities in the Keceli Hamam.

You will feel the real Turkish bath atmosphere as soon as you enter the hot room. You will be introduced to the unique world of the Turkish hamam and you will take the advantage to wash and scrub your body using original Turkish soap. The feeling is amazing and you just have to let the water calm down your mind. There are also various massages that will make your experience complete! No matter which one you choose, you will enjoy it for sure! Being in the hot room, you will be served some fresh drinks that you can take any time you want.

After the hot room you can go to the sauna where you can continue sweating or to have a cold shower and come back in the hot section!

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