The Kara Mustafa Pasa Buyuk Kaplica Hamam is a traditional Turkish bath located in the famous region Caplica – the place where you will find a great variety of thermal springs. The bath was built during the 15th century and because of its convenient location it became a popular place for relaxation! Today the bath is still among the most preferred places to visit and if you go there, your best Turkish bath experience is guaranteed! The bath can be visited either by men or by women as it has two separate sections.

The Kara Mustafa Pasa Buyuk Kaplica Hamam consists of three rooms – a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. They are supplied with all the facilities that you may need for your pleasant stay. There are also dressing rooms and rest rooms.

Entering the hamam you will be introduced to the cold room. Here you have to change your clothes with the special cloth known as pestemal. You will need the pestemal during your whole stay in the hamam. You can place your clothes and possessions in the dressing rooms that will be for your private use while being there. In the cold room you will be welcomed by the kind staff and you will feel their hospitality as soon as you enter the bath! They will give you instructions about your Turkish bath experience in the The Kara Mustafa Pasa Buyuk Kaplica Hamam.

After the cold room you will enter the warm room. Here you will have the chance to adjust your body to the temperature change that awaits you in the hot room. In the warm section the temperature is higher than in the cold section where it is moderate. You can stay in the warm room as long as you want and meanwhile you can enjoy some of the traditional Turkish drinks.

Before entering the hot room you have to be sure that you are in a perfect health condition because otherwise you will not be allowed to enter it. A team of therapists will advise you about your present health situation and they will tell you how to proceed with your Turkish bath experience.

In the hot room you will enjoy various traditional Turkish bath procedures such as peeling and washing. You can also arrange the special tellak service to scrub down your body. The feeling can hardly be described with simple words and you just have to experience it! You can also enjoy various massages that will make your stay in the bath complete.

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