Galatasaray Hamami is a traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul where you will have the unique chance to feel the Hamam Culture coming from the Ottomans and reaching today! The Galatasaray Hamam was constructed during the 16th century by Sultan Beyazit II. It is considered to be among the great examples of the Ottoman architectural masterpieces. In the past the Galatasaray Hamam was among the most preferred places for relaxation and entertainment in the empire. It was visited either by men or by women and the experience in the hamam was more that an ordinary bath visit – it turned into a ritual!

Today the tradition is still alive! The traditional Turkish bath concept of the Galatasaray Hamam is combined with the needs of the contemporary people and it has turned into one of the leading places for relaxation in the metropolitan city.

The building of the Galatasaray Hamam consists of three parts – a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. The rooms are divided for men and women and there are special hours for visits. In the cold room you will be asked to change your clothes and to place them in a special cabinet. You can also leave there all your possessions! As soon as you enter the cold room you will feel the reputed Turkish hospitality. You will be welcomed with a show with Oriental dances and orchestra! This is also available for group bookings! There is no doubt that you will enjoy it, especially if you are a foreigner! After the impressive and warm welcoming, you can proceed with your experience in the warm room – here you can get used to the temperature difference that awaits you in the hot room. Don’t miss this section because it will prepare you for the heat in the hot room. Here you can rest for a while by having a cup of tea or some other drink of your choice. The staff will entertain you all the time so you can hardly be bored. Before entering the hot room, you are advised to inform the staff about your health condition. This is strongly recommended because some visitors are not able to stand the heat in the hot room and the effect will be negative! If you are not in a good health condition you will not be allowed in the hot room.

The hot room is the best part of your Turkish bath experience in the Galatasaray Hamam! You will lie on the heated marble platform covered with thin cloth. Here you can take the advantage to try various massages and procedures. You can lie on the platform as long as you wish so that your body can be prepared for washing and scrubbing! If you wish, you can also take a shocking shower! If you enjoy the relaxing procedures, you can lie back on the platform and experience the pleasure again!

The hot room experience in the Galatasaray Hamam can make you feel a bit tired but this is something usual considering the temperature change of the body. So you can have a nap in the cabinets supplied with all facilities you may need! To make your stay in the Galatasaray Hamam, we can arrange a special dinner for you including traditional Turkish meals and drinks.

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