The Cinili Hamam is an old traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul located in one of the liveliest areas of the metropolitan city. The Cinili Hamamis also a part of the great Ottoman heritage as it was built during the 16th century by the notable Ottoman architecture Sinan. In the past the bath was set on fire twice but it has been restored and now is among the most preferred places for relaxation in Istanbul.

The Cinili Hamam is divided into two separate sections and it can be visited either by men or by women. Going there, you will have the unique chance to admire the magnificence of the Ottoman architecture both of the interior and the exterior. The whole bath is covered by a large dome. Inside there is a pool with a fountain that makes the atmosphere even more attractive..

The experience in each of the three rooms of the bath – the cold one, the warm one and the hot one will turn your stay into a memorable one. There are also private cubicles where you can place your personal clothes and possessions.

Don’t miss to enjoy the nice atmosphere of the warm room. Adjusting your body to the temperature changes, you can spoil yourself with a traditional Turkish drink. The kind staff will be at your convenience at any time you want and you will feel the reputable Turkish hospitality. The staff is also quite professional. There is a team of therapists that will look after your health condition while being in the bath. They will also advise you about the best procedure for you according to your present health condition.

In the hot room while lying on the platform (cameran), you will enjoy the typical Turkish bath procedures. Take the advantage to distress your body with the washing and the peeling procedures. There is also a wide range of massages developed for all of their valued clients so that they can make their stay in the Cinili Hamam even more pleasant.

After the hot room you can either have a nap in the special rest rooms or have a cold shower to energize your body! Each service provided in the hamam is precisely organized and it will meet the expectations even of the most sophisticated clients.!

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