Cemberlitas hamam located close to Beyoglu. The Cemberlitas Hamam belongs to the old Turkish baths in Istanbul. It is located in one of the best known neighborhoods in the cosmopolitan city and you can easily find it. There are also many notable places of interest in the area and you can combine your unique Turkish bath experience with a memorable sightseeing tour.
The Cemberlitas Hamam dates back to the 16th century and it is also considered to be one of the architectural masterpieces of the leading Ottoman architect Sinan. The bath was constructed as a double one with two separate sections – one for men and another one for women. Over the years it has been several times expanded and today apart from the two original sections, it also has dressing rooms and rooms for rest. The men’s section has changed while the one for women has kept its original outlook. As a traditional Turkish bath, the Cemberlitas Hamam provides to its visitors a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. Each of them brings the spirit of the authentic Turkish bath experience. You will also be able to enjoy its interior architecture with all its marble tiles.
The organization of the Turkish bath procedure in the Cemberlitas Hamam is excellent. Everything is precisely planned so that visitors can feel comfortable while being there. The staff will assist you every step of your stay in the bath and they will provide you all the useful information about the experience itself.
Entering the bath you will be introduced to the cold room – the room where you will prepare yourself for the experience. This is the place where you will change your clothes with the special towel – the cloth you need for your bath experience. You will be advised to place your personal clothes and possessions in the dressing room arranged for you by the staff. They will also instruct you about the procedures and the facilities in each section.
The cold room is followed by the warm one. Here you will have the chance to adapt your body to the temperature. In this section is hotter that in the cold room where the temperature is moderate. This will help you to get used to the heat that awaits you in the hot room. You can stay in the warm room as long as you want but we advise to spend there no more than 15 minutes. Meanwhile you will be served some traditional Turkish beverages.
The real experience in the Cemberiltas Hamam starts in the hot room. Here you will lie on a platform spoiling yourself with various relaxation procedures. You are advised to start with the traditional ones such as washing and peeling with a Turkish soap. You can also arrange the special tellak service and your body will be scrubbed down. The feeling can hardly be described with simple words! One is for sure – you will really feel relaxed. You can enjoy a wide range of relaxing procedures while being in the hot room such as a massage in a traditional style, an aromatherapy oil massage, reflexology, an Indian head massage, a facial clay mask and many others.
After the experience in the hot room, you may feel exhausted and you can have a nap in the rest sections. They are spacious and supplied with all the facilities you may need for your peaceful stay. You can also arrange the cold shower that will refresh your body and if you want you can come back in the hot room. You will have a great time in the Cemberlitas Hamam! In the hot room the staff will arrange for you some fresh drinks and some snacks so that your unforgettable experience can be complete. You will also be served a traditional Turkish coffee and tea!
Please have in mind that if you have any health problems or if you can’t stand the heat you will not be allowed in the hot room! You should let the staff know if you aren’t in a perfect health condition! A team of experienced therapists will take care of you while being in the bath!

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