Hurrem Sultan Hamam located close to Taksim The Buyuk Hamam is an old Turkish bath in Istanbul placed near the famous Taksim square. The Buyuk Hamam boasts of its rich historical development and tradition. Its construction was designed and built in the middle of the 16th century by the notable Ottoman architect Sinan. In the past the Buyuk Hamam played a significant role in the social life of the local people. Today the hamam still keeps its original atmosphere and paying a visit to it you will be able to gain a small part of the original Turkish hamam.
The Buyuk Hamam can be visited either by men or by women. Its building is divided into three parts and each of them is supplied with the facilities you may need for your comfortable stay.
Your Turkish bath experience in the Buyuk Hamam will start with a visit to the cold room – the place where you can prepare yourself for the bath experience. You will place your clothes and possessions in the private cabinets and you will also get your towel. In the cold room the staff will give you detailed information about each section and the procedures offered there. If you are a first time visitor, this information will be of great use for you.
The cold room is followed by the warm room. This is the place where you can spoil yourself with a cup of tea or some other fresh drinks. The aim of your stay in the warm room is to give you the opportunity to adapt your body to the temperature changes. Please keep in mind that if you have any health problems, you will not be allowed to the hot room because of the heat there. We advise you to inform the staff about your present health condition in advance! It is important for them to know if you aren’t in a perfect health condition.
Being in the hot room of the Buyuk Hamam, you can enjoy the traditional Turkish bath procedures such as washing, scrubbing and a soap massage. You can also take the advantage to use the tellak service. Various massages are also offered in the hamam. They will make you feel like you are in another world and you will even ask for more! The staff in the Buyuk Hamam is extremely kind and helpful. They will provide you the relevant assistance during your whole stay in the bath and will recommend you the best procedures according to your health condition. After the hot room, we can arrange for you sauna so that we can be sure that your experience in the Buyuk hamam is complete. There is also an open air swimming pool in the hamam that can be found in the men’s section! Swimming in the pool seems an attractive option after the relaxing atmosphere of the hot room!

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