Armutalan Hamam is a notable traditional Turkish bath in Marmaris. It was built during the Ottoman reign and at that time it played a significant role in the social life of the locals. Today the Armutalan Hamam will impress you with its architecture both of the exterior and the interior. In fact the architecture of the hamam has kept most of its original fragments and it is a typical example of an architectural masterpiece left by the Ottomans. Since the end of the 20th century the hamam has been offering traditional bathing opportunities to its visitors. It combines the authentic Turkish bath atmosphere with the liveliness of the modern complex supplied with all facilities you may need for your relaxing experience. The Armutalan Hamam is considered to be the second largest Turkish bath in Turkey. It consists of three bathing rooms. There are also two saunas, a big massage area and two Jacuzzi. It will provide you all you need for your unforgettable experience. The first step of your Turkish bath experience in the Armutalan Hamam is the change of your clothes. You can place them in the special cubicles that will be for your private use during your stay in the bath.!

A wide range of relaxing procedures awaits you in the Armutalan Hamam. In the hot section you can wash your body so that you can rinse the dead cells away. This will help you to start sweating. After the shower you can proceed with scrubbing down your body using harsh mittel. Lying on the marble platform, the kind staff will assist you so that you can take the most of each procedure. There are also various massages that you can try while being there. There is something for everyone so your visit to the Armutalan Hamam is really worth experiencing. To make your stay in the hamam even more pleasant you can visit the sauna or the Jacuzzi. There is also a large swimming pool where you can refresh yourself after the hot bath experience!

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