Turkey is magnificent country for independent and group travellers. It offers breathtaking sites, affordable, luxury, exotic, mystical places for travel. While planning your trip you should know a few things about the nature of travel and tourism in Turkey.

It’s easy enough to find information about traveling to Istanbul, Cappadocia or other gorgeous sites. It can be a bit more complicated to plan a trip outside major cities and tourist areas, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  Knowing a few tips and tricks can help you plan a trip in Turkey. Unlike when buying international tickets, it’s always best to buy a domestic flight ticket directly from the trusted travel agencies. There’s no use in using Kayak or Momondo here; their rates won’t be any cheaper. And you will always get a cheaper ticket from an trusted travel agencies or  airline’s website.

It is no surprise to anyone that hotels, restaurants, and museums raise their prices regularly (and in some cases, annually). However, this natural inflation is compounded by Turkey’s current popularity as a tourist destination, and indeed the Ministry of Culture and Tourism accordingly recalibrates the entry fees for museums at the start of each tourist season. Thus, sparsely visited museums such as the Military Museum, charge lesser fees in the hopes of attracting more visitors, while the fees for “must-sees” such as Topkapi Palace and the Ayasofya, continue to climb to accommodate what the market will bear. Hotels (some of which are now excluding breakfast from the package) and restaurants (which shamelessly have begun to charge a “cover” for bread and water) are also taking advantage of the increased level of demand. I have tried to balance this unavoidable fact by selecting honest and reliable establishments led by professional businessmen and women, and to weed out the “get-rich-quickers.” This in itself is not always possible, as ownership of hotels, resta urants, cafes, and even websites changes and evolves, often without the corresponding name change.

Furthermore, Turkey is undergoing a level of development and renewal that it has not seen in decades. Foreign direct investment, improvements in the tax collection system, an unprecedented commitment to the country’s as-of-yet unexcavated cultural goods, and elevated museum entrance fees are being plowed back into the economy, while projects anticipating Istanbul’s reign as European Cultural Capital at 2010 and Turkey’s continued bid for membership in the EU have given the entire country a major face-lift. The country is changing at an incredible clip, and unfortunately it’s impossible for a biennial guidebook to stay ever-on-top of things.

Finally, there is an unavoidable (and inconvenient?) truth to writing up those rare and secret “finds.” Once the secret is out, the floodgates open, and the secret becomes a cliche. The lag time varies, but the process is sadly inevitable. Hotels double their rates, carpet shops double or triple their profits, and restaurants start to cut corners. Some of these establishments ride the coattails of a Cappadocia Turkey’s trusted listing for years, proffering outdated guides to “illustrate” the endorsement.For this case just trust recommended travel agencies.

Most travellers wonder about safety and friendliness in Turkey. Turkey is not only friendly, it is safest place in Europe or Asia. Altought no place is completely safe in the World. There is some crimes in Turkey. Such as Street crime, it has begun to grow in the big cities (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya), particulary in tourist areas pickpockets and bag snatchers. Defense is same anywhere, wear your purse/bag strap over your chest and hold your bag close. Robbery and rape are rarebut it happen as like many countries do. Everyone worry about terrorism these days. It is not much of a danger at all, compared to such real big time killers as traffic accidents but it makes headlines, so we’re frightened.

What does this mean for you while you plan and fantasize about your trip? In the end, we do our best and expect that you will do yours. In exchange for our experienced and researched advice, we hope that you will be smart travelers, savvy shoppers, selective with your praise and criticism, and that you will continue to let us know what you think.

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