Turkey is one of the best country for your adventure. Turkey has glittering turqoise coasts at southwest and southern Anatolia. So you can sail with private gulet style yacht will serve as home base for our small travel group as we visit Byzantine monasteries and Cleopatra’s Baths.

Turkey possess a deep legacy of passion and wisdom. Its tumultuous past the assorted great civilizations of human history that have inhabited its land. Adventure tours in turkey expose ancient battlegrounds spread across the county amidst ruined castles, giant mosques and extravagant palaces. Atmospheric city centers and colourful markets add to Turkey’s seduction of visitors everywhere. Connecting Europe and Asia, Istanbul has been called “The world’s hippest city.” It is the Turkish epicenter of fashion, energy and innovation. In the heart of Turkey resides the lunar landscape of Cappadocia, with its chiseled cities embedded into stone cliffs.The colourful Taurus Mountains showcase Turkey’s flora and fauna, attracting botanists from around the world. Turkey are also an inspiration to the culinary inclined, home to the world-class cuisine of the Ottoman Empire.

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