Erzurum city 714 km (443 mile) to Cappadocia and 1228 km (763 mile) away from Istanbul. Erzurum located in heart at eastern part of Turkey. Erzurum is the biggest city of the Eastern Anatolian Region and is also a very ancient settlement place. As the city is established at the skirts of Palandöken Mountain, the city had gained great importance in the field of winter tourism during the recent years. The city houses numerous historically rich works of art and therefore the city is like a cultural center having the major potential for tourism.

Palandoken mountain has an altitude of 3185 m, and is south of Erzurum. This was the area of the first extensive study in the country looking at a master plan for tourism potential, which concluded that the area has the necessary potential and qualities to be a major international resort. Given the right facilities, it is estimated that 32,000 people could ski per day and could be the venue of international competitions and even Winter Olympics, giving job opportunities to around 6000 people.

Having a huge important tourism potential in present days , the city covers a lot of historical artifacts and it has been host for a lot of Anatolian Civilizations and cultures again it had a very critical and important role during Turkish War of Independence.

It is one of the most interest drawing city for tourism field of country as it consists a lot of places for winter sports besides it’s historical artifacts. It is possible to join one of the several Turkey Vacation Packages especially designed for Eastern Turkey that is Including Erzurum, Yalova, Mardin City.

Besides these, Coruh River within the border of Ispir provides many racecourses for rafting sports and rafting tours. Dumlupinar and Palandoken Mountains, Tortum Waterfalls and neighbors also provides great places and racecourse for mountain walking tours and trekking and these are quite popular places of the area.

The World Wide famous Oltu Stone (also known as Kehribar Stone) was found in the town of Oltu in Erzurum.

It is very difficult to dig Oltu Stone as it’s very sensitive and can be broken down during the process of digging is being used to make ornament / decorations stuffs, Tespih (beads) and some jewelery when used with gold and silver.

Erzurum stockbreeding is widespread in the region, and there is little chance to cultivate vegetables and fruits in this high and cold land. Therefore traditional food is mainly dependent on meat. The city is also known for different types of local cheese that is hard to find elsewhere in Turkey. Kadayif dolmasi — A must-taste local dessert of Erzurum cuisine. It is made from kadayif, a sweet pastry that is lots of thin fibres of flour put together. Walnuts are stuffed in the kadayif and the stuffed kadayif is first fried, then cooled and finally ready to serve with addition of a sweet sauce. It may be sampled in virtually every restaurant in Erzurum, but some of the best can be tried in a specialist restaurant, Muammer Usta Doner — Typical Turkish doner is really made well and should be tasted in Haci Baba Restaurant on Emniyet Caddesi. Cag kebap — local kebab of Erzurum, that you can have in Gelgor Restaurant. It is made with lamb meat and the preperation is like doner, but unlike doner, instead of a vertical axis, the meat is cooked on a horizontal axis. Guzelyurt Restaurant — A very nice old restaurant right in the city center on Cumhuriyet Caddesi. You can have a good Turkish meal with some Turkish raki and enjoy the atmosphere. Hamburger — A very tiny small hamburger place. Hamburgers are really delicious. Coffeebox — A local coffeeshop, with various pasta options and nice coffees.

There are few very good hotels in Erzurum. They are; Renaissance Polat Hotel, Yeni Cinar Hotel, Cinar Hotel, Bahar Hotel, Ari Hotel etc.

Districts of Erzurum Province




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