Erzincan city 520 km (323 mile) to Cappadocia and 1048 km (651 mile) away from Istanbul. Erzincan located in eastern  part of Turkey.  Like the other Anatolian cities, Erzincan’s history starts with the Hittites but the importance of the city rose after the Turks conquered it. There are lots of historical remains which have been damaged. The ruins from the Urartians are the Kemah Fortress, Mana Hatun Tomb, and Kotur Bridge. For nature lovers, Lake Kaynayan and Girvelik Waterfall are worth seeing. After the recent earthquake in 1992, the city was badly damaged.

Kucuktepe and Altintepe tumulusus are centers of excavations. First settlements of Anatolia were around those districts. Local kingdoms founded cities around those hills. Hurris, Hayashas are local tribes that ruled the region in the ancient times. Settlements started in prehistoric ages. In 600 BC, Meds founded a city in the region and fought against the invasions. In 550 BC, Persians captured the place. They were defeated by Macedonian King, Alexander The Great after a while. Under Alexander’s rule, local tribes got stronger. When Romans conquered Anatolia, they captured the city and brought peace and stability. The region became an important commercial spot with marketplaces in the Asia Minor. East Roman Empire failed to keep the peace in the region because of assaults of Arabis tribes. After Malazgirt War, Turkish tribes reached the city and Turkish settlement began.

The ruins around Erzincan are rich in history. Vicious battles were fo ught over the region, which attracted the interest of many major civilizations. Thus, citadels of Erzincan, Kemah and Sirinli are especially important, being the defenders of the ancient city. Both histories of humanity and of Turk-Islam synthesis can be studied by merely strolling the ruins of ancient inns, monuments, mosques, churches and hot baths. Many of the ruins are in poor condition, due to the wars and earthquakes, typical of the region. Among the churches, especially Kaya, Mother Mary and Voric should not be missed. Taşdibi Church in Kemah is of great importance, since it has been built during the beginning of the Christian religion. The Kemah district is of note all by itself, with the renowned ice caverns, domes and hot baths. The architecture of the region is also quite interesting, especially in the Kemaliye district. Near the Altıntepe village, the famous caves of Kadisuyu and Ala, which have originated many legends of their own. Health tourism is centered on the spas of Erzincan, which are believed to have healing properties.

Erzincan is famous with its pastry and jams. Different spices are used in local dishes such as tarhana soup. Erzincan cuisine is mainly indfluenced by Persian and Arabic cuisines. Meat dishes are delicious. Try stuffed eggplants with sheep yoghurt. Sour soup and kete are special dishes of the locals. In the town center, you can find a lot of restaurants serving local food with very reasonable prices. Good restaurants are; Evin Doner, Atlantik Restaurant, Genc tantuni, Ayla’nin Mutfagi, Bozkurt Restaurant, Canli Konak Et lokantasi, Cigkoftem etc.

There are few good hotels in Erzincan. They are; Grand Simay Hotel, Buyuk Erzincan Hotel, Eriza Boutique Hotel, Otel Konak Mazlum, Otel mete etc.

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