Denizli located in western Anatolia in Turkey and between Denizli to Izmir is 224 km. Situated in the inner part of the Aegean Region, is Denizli, a tourism city with its numerous beauty.

Dating back to the Calcholithic age, this was the site of a settlement of the earliest communities, and changed hands continuously, becoming the center of various civilizations in different time periods. The ancient city of Laodikeia is here, within the borders of Denizli, with its ruins awaiting for the sightseers. In addition to Triopolis which was known as the center of bishops, while Christianity spread. Hierapolis is another Ancient City, being a historical treasure, while it also offers a real wonder of nature. Named, as today “Pamukkale”, this place is astonishingly beautiful, and unique in the world with its white travertine offering marvelous scenery.

The wide forests and numerous picnicking and camping areas here contribute to this natural and archaeological richness, while its position as a stopover between the major provinces like Izmir, Ankara and Antalya, increases the tourist attraction of Denizli. The thermal resorts also attract visitors to the provinces with their spring waters of therapeutic effects Gemezli, Cezmeli, Tekke and Kizildere are the main spa resorts, besides the thermal centers of Pamukkale and Karahayit.


A miraculous site, unique and world famous for its fascinating formation of white petrified cascades is Pamukkale located 20 kms from Denizli.

This fairyland of “Cotton Castle” is a marvelous spectacle, created by a beautiful composition of cataracts, pools and stalactites. The grounds of white travertine gleam under the sun, as the waters flow mildly over.

Nearby is the ancient “Hierapolis” (the Holy City). Here stands a magnificent theater affording a wonderful view of the land below, and the Temple of Apollo, representing the Hellenistic period.

Since the earliest times of history, Pamukkale has been chosen for its therapeutic mineral waters. The site today is a fine spa-center with its warm pools and numerous facilities provided nearby.


To the northwest of Pamukkale, is Karahayit, another thermal center with curative waters of a high iron content. The specialty of this site is the interesting formation made by the water, with the most beautiful tones of glittering red. You will want to make this extraordinary scene eternal by taking some photographs, and the originality of the region is reflected on these photos.

Standing since the 3rd century AD, there exist aqueducts between Pamukkale and Karahayit a rendering an attractive place for sightseers, while thermal baths and camping grounds are also provided for all holiday makers.

You can find some local tastes in Denizli to eat. The very first one that is worth a mention of these is Denizli Kebabi. Fairly good Denizli kebabi can be had at Enver Kebabci and Kebabci Halil both of which are located at Bayramyeri district. This local type of kebab is also known as Tandır in some other regions of Turkey. Denizli Kebabi is best eaten around noon.

Also, another option would be Kasarli Alabalik—a kind of meal made from fish covered with some grated cheese in a very special oven.

You should also try the toasts of the buffet “Karadam” which is located in the city centre “Cinar”. The Dortlu is also something that you should not miss.

There is a local company called “Haci Serif” that sells all kinds of sweets from Turkish Delight (lokum) to hard candies and chocolates. They have a large shop in downtown Denizli (Cinar) and smaller shops throughout the rest of the city. They are a family business, started in 1938, and well known locally. Besides their Turkish Delight, you should try their Dondurmali İrmik Helvasi.  Irmik helvasi is a dessert made with semolina and pine nuts. Hacı Serif places a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a small cup and packs warm irmik helvası in around it. The resulting dessert is a delicious mixture of warm and cold.

While there are places to stay in the city centre, the hotels in nearby Pamukkale and especially Karahayit (further north from Pamukkale) offers some better places to stay at affordable prices. In the hotels of Karahayit you can have a good service including special messages and thermal spa. Be aware that in some hotels around the otogar you may encounter some illegal activities such as prostution.Some of the good hotels are; Richmond Thermal Hotel, Colossae Hotel, Lycus River Hotel etc.

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