Burdur is located in western Anatolia. Burdur is in the district of lakes in the Mediterranean Region. It was called Polydorion during the Byzantine era. According to one source, the word “Polydorion” was first used as “Polydor” then changed to Burdur. The city’s land reaches for an area of 6887 km2 (except lakes) into the Teke Peninsular in the southwest from the lakes district in the northwest in line with the west Taurus range. The province is abundant in lakes. There is the deep Burdur lake which is surrounded by fault zones. The Salda and Yarisli lakes are in the southwest and the karst based Kestel, Sogut and Golhisar lakes.

Burdur has a Mediterranean climate which has a more inland feeling. Because it is a junction between the Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolian Regions, Burdur has uniquely different climate features. Therefore the best time to visit is during spring and summer as the summers are hot and the winters are quite cold. In Burdur’s climate history its lowest temperature has been -16°C and the highest 39°C.

During the Şahkulu rebellion Burdur was held under siege for a few months. In 1839 Burdur was the scene for a battle between leading clans – the Celikpashazade and the Cilogullari clans – and in the same year it was made a district of Hamid (Isparta) in the Konya – Karaman province. Burdur became a subdistrict in 1852 and in 1867 became a district, then a subdistrict again. It gained independence in 1920, becoming a province in 1923 together with the declaration of the Turkish Republic. When the Hamidogullari country passed into Ottoman rule and Burdur became a district, it was left to its own devices and lost its significance. During the Ottoman era the ruling state did not make any important improvements in Burdur.

The Coppersmiths’ Bazaar in the city centre offers a variety of copper utensils and giftware. The Tasoda and Celikbas Mansions are also worthy examples of Ottoman architecture and worth seeing. Buy the local sweet called “Walnut paté”, made and sold in the Upper Bazaar, it can also make a delicious offering to friends and family. The “Burdur Shish Kebab” is also particular to the city and can be sampled at all restaurants in the city.

The spa is in Yarikoy, 23km from Burdur and presents itself as three springs from amongst the rocks. The smell of sulphur can be felt from a distance. It is not suitable for either drinking or bathing in, however it can benefit respiratory diseases through inhaling the fumes. The water has a temperature of 18 degrees.
The Insuyu spas in the same area has water which contains bicarbonate, calcium and bromium. It is good for diabetes, indigestion, intestinal and metabolism problems. It is located along the Burdur – Antalya highway and there are minibus services.

Among the local authentic food varieties, you should taste the “walnut paste” (a desert produced from walnut) produced at the Yukarı Pazar quarter of Burdur Province and “Burdur shish kebab”. It is possible to rest at the trout breeding facilities among the road to ancient city of Sagalassos and taste the local yogurt and trout.  There are several restaurant options in Burdur. However, the city is especially famous for its “sish kebab” (skewer). We  recommend these restaurants for travelers; Ozsari kebab salonu, Toros Aile Lokantasi, Palmiye Lokantasi, Centat Cig Kofte, Ege Lokantasi etc.

There are few good hotels in Burdur. They are; Atam Hotel, Grand Ozeren Hotel, Altin Hotel, Merci Boutique Hotel etc.

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