Bolu city 1429 km (887 mile) to Cappadocia and 262 km (162 mile) away from Istanbul. Bolu is located in North West part of Turkey. Bolu is one of the most enchanting areas of Turkey located approximately half-way between Istanbul and Ankara. Bolu is famous for its dense forests and modern hot spring facilities.

Lake Abant is one of the amazing beauties Bolu provides. It is 55 kms southwest of this province, situated at an altitude of 1500 meters. The lake is a magnificent with water lilies spread over, and the deep green forest surrounding it. There are high-quality accommodation establishments around the lake which deserves spending some time.

Another wonder of Bolu is the Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) National Park which has an appeal beyond words. Golcuk, an artificial lake 11 kms south, surrounded with green forests, is another lovely site.

Kartalkaya in the Koroglu Mountains, is another resort for those who like winter sports. It is one of the three best winter sports centers in Turkey. You will find quietness and sportive enthusiasm in Kartalkaya. Aladag meadows are the other attractive touristic sites in these mountains.

53 kms northwest of Bolu is Konuralp which once was the ancient Pruso ad Hyplum. You can see a well preserved Roman theatre and fine examples of Roman and Byzantine art, sheltered in the museum.

You may enjoy the four seasons at once in Bolu. For those who prefer sea-sun-sand Akcakoca o ffers this opportunity at an appealing setting. You can enjoy the lovely beaches while staying in hospitable guest houses and hotels. You can also visit the Genoese Castle hidden in the hazelnut groves.

Mengen is famous for its excellent cooks and holds an annual “Chefs’ Festival”, featuring many traditional Turkish specialties.

Bolu can be a charming European Black Sea town throughout Turkey, featuring a high foothills, dense jungles, blue wetlands and numerous streams. This marshes, the intensive pastures as well as dense forests on the province include ensured the development inside fields involving cropland agriculture, animal husbandry as well as forestry. The setting of Bolu will also be rich throughout flora. A couple of half on the existing 7, 000 vegetable species throughout Turkey are generally grown here.

In Turkey, the most famous chefs are always from “Mengen” district of Bolu. That means Bolu is the right place to examine typical Turkish cuisine. Don’t forget to try mantı (Turkish food with meat in little pieces of pastry ) and yaprak dolması (stuffed vine leaves with meat). Yaprak dolması, usually served on a heated dish and garnish with yoghurt mixed with crushed garlic and salt is typical example of Turkish cuisine. Pumpkin dessert is a special dessert with hazelnuts, pistachios, and walnuts. It is usually served in winter. Restaurants around the lakes serve fresh trout. “Little House Restaurant” famous with hors d’oeuvres and fish, “Berceste Restaurant” famous with grills and meatballs are some of the best choices.

There is very good hotels tos tay in Bolu. They are; Koru Hotel, Bolu Koroglu Hotel, Kasmir Hotel, Golden Key Kartalkaya, Gazelle Resort & Spa, Kaya Palazzo, Esentepe Hotel etc.

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