Bilecik city 600 km (372 mile) to Cappadocia and 247 km (153 mile) away from Istanbul. Bilecik is located in North part of Turkey. The city very close to Istanbul. Bilecik, lying in the green fertile lands of the river valley, is the eastern neighbor of Bursa. Its historical background goes back to 1950 BC, with many civilizations such as Hittites, Phyrigians, Lycians, Persians and Macedonians living here. The province is, worth visiting with its mausoleum of Seyh (Sheik) Edebali, who was an important influential person in the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. Nearby is the mausoleum of Orhan Gazi. Every September, a festival is held in his memory.

30 kms from Bilecik is the little town Sogut which got its name from the numerous willows that surround the town. Sogut Is the place where the Ottoman Empire was founded and here there are the life size busts of famous figures of Turkish history. If you would like to see the whole of the history of Turkey before your eyes, then you should visit the Ethnographical Museum. There are many historical tombs and mosques in the province. Onyx handicrafts is recommended as a souvenir from Bilecik of which are great value.

There is few good accomodation in Bilecik. They are; Grand Belekoma Hotel, Grand Cali Hotel, Hotel Eronur, Otel taskin etc.

Most of the local food varieties are composed of pastries. Some part of the local folk cooks their own breads. Pitta bread, Twined bread and hodalak are some of the locally cooked breads.

The local folk also prepares food varieties like macaroni, soup with dried yogurt, kuskus macaroni and eriste (vermicelli) by themselves. Buzme, nohutlu tavuklu mantı (meat pastry with chickpea and chicken), keskek, ovmac soup, mercimekli mantı (meat pastry with lentil), kesme hamur (cut pastry), keklik kebabı (partridge kebab), kopuk helvasi (foam sweat made of cereals) could be counted among the authentic food varieties of Bilecik region. The good restaurants are; Tozman Restaurant, Selale Kebap, Seker Cag Kebap, Saklibahce Selaleli Restaurant.

Districts of Bilecik Province







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