Bayburt city 615 km (382 mile) to Cappadocia and 1137 km (706 mile) away from Istanbul. Bayburt located in east part of Turkey and between Erzurum to Bayburt is 124 km. Bayburt was once an important center on the ancient Silk Route and it was visited by Marco Polo and Turkish excursionist Evliya Celebi. The city welcomes you with the remains of its Byzantine Castle. There are several interesting mosques, Turkish baths and tombstones in the city as well as the Catalcesme Underground City and the natural wonder Sirakayalar Waterfall which are all attractive. The city deserves notice, although it has been designated as a province just recently.

Bayburt has limited offer of accommodation, we have extended accommodation possibilities by more offers in the nearest destinations of Bayburt like . All accommodation  are sorted by geographical distance from Bayburt. The good hotels are; Adibes Otel, Saracoglu Otel, Hotel Bayburt etc.

The local cuisine of Bayburt is very rich and tasty made out with pastry. The general characteristics show that the majority of the dishes are made of flour and meat. Some of the local dishes are; Galacos, Bayburt Meatballs, Kefenli Kebab (shrouded kebab),tel helvası (String halva), tatlı çorba (sweet soup), eksi lahana (sour cabbage), lor dolması (curd stuffed vegetables) and yalancı dolma (fake stuffed vegetable). Rose hip tea is very popular among traditional Turkish tea and Turkish coffee in Bayburt.  The good restaurants are; Bayburt Pide Salonu, Bayburt Konagi, Donbili Kebabcisi, Donerci Canbaba.

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