Batman city 873 km (542 mile) to Cappadocia and 1551 km (963 mile) away from Istanbul. Batman located in south east  part of Turkey and between Erzurum to Batman is 377 km. One of the southeastern Anatolian cities, Batman, is a little province which takes its name from the river flowing on its west. The Batman river, spanned by the old Malabadi Bridge, draws the province’s border with Diyarbakir, and then joins Tigris (Dicle) passing through the land. The southeastern extensions of the Taurus Mountains on the other hand, stand on the eastern side of the region, together with the 1288 m high Raman Mountain. Here is one of the main crude oil production centres of Turkey, and the refinery at Batman was the first founded one in the country.

The history of the province reaches back to antiquity, and the land saw numerous dynasties throughout its long history. Once a part of the province of Siirt, the district was especially eminent during the time of Abbasid Caliphate. Hasankeyf, once the capital of a Seljuk state and a geopolitical center, being near the Tigris, is now one of the city’s districts, carrying the traces of a 2000 years old history. On the Dicle River there is the old Hasankeyf Bridge. Other significant places to visit are the tomb of Veysel Karani, a famous Islamic religious thinker, and site of pilgrimage for thousands, and the Carsi Mosque.

Besiri, Kozluk, Sason and Gercus are other towns of Batman, and the city today is a beautiful province with its natural, historical and cultural wealth, and rapid industrial and economic development.

Batman has few hotels.They are; Izgi Turhan Hotel, Buyuk Gecit Hotel, Zeki Otel Batman, Bozoogullari Hotel, Asko Otel, Bato Thermal Hotel etc.

Variety of meat dishes and pastries are popular in this region. Tandır bread and taş ekmeği (stone bread) “hevra” are must try varieties as well as local soups. Enjoy traditional Turkish tea among the natural beauties of Hasankeyf district of Batman. The good restaurants are; Kazim Usta Aile Et Lokantasi, Sampi, Zeytin Dali Et Lokantasi, Sisko Firinli Et Lokantasi, Bahcevan Et Lokantasi.

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