Aydin city 666 km (413 mile) to Cappadocia and 656 km (407 mile) away from Istanbul. The Climate, natural beauties, cultural and historical values, long beaches, holiday villages attracting many visitors to itself every year from all over the world, this beautiful and gorgeous  city is is a tourism and holiday center of Aegean religion  of Turkey.

The beaches that gets most visitors are especially in Didim and Kusadasi  area are; Altinkum Beach, Women Sea Beach, Guvervinada Beach, Yavansu and Aslanburnu Beach, Pigale Sea Shore, Gevrek and Akbuk Beach, Guzelcamli Beach and Tavsanburnu Beach.

Being an important settling city for many civilizations from Hitities to Lydia Kingdom, from Byzantine to Ottoman Empire has witnessed hundreds of centuries since 7,000 B.C. Therefore there are many antique cities around the area.

Aydin is also a famous city which groed many philosopher , historians, artists, architects. We can mainly list them; Apollonius, Thales, Anthemius, Hekatais, Isidoros, Anaksimender, Hippodamus and Aneksimers are some of them.

The area is also rich in locally thermal spas,The geothermal sources around makes Aydin a potentially center. Camping, bicycle tours, nature walking tours, plateau tourism, nature photography are also some of the tourism types that attracts visitors to itself. National Parks, Having a forest richness with a various type of plant cover it is worth to see it’s nature.

Local kitchen is very tasty and delicious, local cuisines with olive oils, grape wines, figs, rich fish types, citrus fruits products and local jams are in the list of must-taste.

When it comes to accommodation and places to stay offers very fine luxury hotels located as well as reasonably priced hotels for the budget travelers- all close to the city center. Aydin – Kusadasi hotels are; Charisma Hotel, Goldengate Hotel, Club Cravanserail, La Vista Hotel, Fantasia Hotel, Kismet Hotel, Korumar Hotel, Villa Konak Hotel etc.

There is wonderful seafood restaurants and lively cafes in Aydin – Kusadasi. There are a number of Chinese and Indian restaurants offering sumptuous meals throughout the day. The Old Town in Kusadasi is renowned along the coast with numerous bars, jazz clubs, discos and cabarets that promise an evening filled with excitement and entertainment. The Bar Street is famous for Irish bars and pubs which in summers are jam packed. Good restaurants are; Saray Restaurant, most popular restaurant in Kusadasi, serving the most delicious food in Kusadasi. Situated in the heart of the old town, with its maze of norrow streets and historic buildings, Saray Restaurant, offers you true Turkish warmth and hospitality in its beautiful hidden courtyard garden and stylish interior which is so much more spacious than you realise as you walk past the entrance. Kalyon restaurant, chain is willing to present you the most prominent food of Turkish, French-English and Italian cookery in a cordial and contemporary manner in order to satisfy your eyes and palatal taste.

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