Ardahan city 934 km (580 mile) to Cappadocia and 1416 km (879 mile) away from Istanbul. Ardahan was a province of Kars until lately 1993. It was declared to be the 75th city of Turkey after the mentioned date above. One of the coldest place of eastern Turkey sometimes it get -35C degree in this area in winter and gets rain or snow until late May. Having a humidity climate makes it have a rich plant cover and rich forest including the high hills of the area.

Yalnizcam has a very suitable geographical and suitable climate for ski sports. A Golf course and a ski resort tourism center was built in the forest area of Ugurludag which is 12 km away from the city center. This project includes a 6km long course which can be an ideal hosting place for future international competition.

The forest of Posof, Hasaf, Yalnizcam Platos, and Gole are some of the other convenient places for mountain climbing, and other mountain sports.

Beekeeping  apiculture is quite popular in the area. This city provides the famous Kars Honey because of having a diffirent culture of keeping Caucasus Bees, with a suitable rich flowers provided to the bees. Every year there is a festival being hold in the area for the name of Ardahan Honey Festival between the 1st of June and the 5th of June.

First yellow cheese of the country was made in this city, and again every year between the 1-5 june there is another festival of National Gole Yellow Cheese.

The local dance style around Ardahan most uses the drum and local instrument as well as having some Caucasus dances.

Ardahan has few hotels are on the road leading out of town towards Kars. They are; Buyuk Ardahan Hotel, Kafkas Ari Hotel etc.

Just few restaurants has in Ardahan. They names are; Alihanogullari Hasir Ocakbasi, Le Kanta etc. Try local dishes such as fodol gevregi, hasil, boran, dugmec, sinor, harso, ayran corbasi, pisi, gevrek, kesme asi, katmer, etli manti and feselli.

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