Agri city is 183 km (113 mile) to Erzurum and 895 km (556 mile) away from Cappadocia. Agri city is located in east Anatolia region of Turkey and is border neighbor with Erzurum, Mus, Bitlis, Kars, Igdir and Iran. Because of it’s geographical locations it is one of the highest point of Turkey.

In the Ottoman Empire era the area was called Sorbulak, and the settlement was called Karakilise (Black Church). At that time, the district’s administrative centre was located at Alashkert, once an important town. In 1895, Lynch wrote that Karakilise had between 1500-2000 inhabitants, was nearly two-thirds Armenian, and that a barracks for the Hamidiyeh regiment was located in the town. The Armenian population of the town and surrounding valley was massacred during the Armenian Genocide: a New York Times report from March 1915 talks of the Alashkert valley being covered with the bodies of men, women, and children.The “kara kilise” that gave the town its name was a medieval Armenian church. In the 1920s the town’s name was mutated to Karakose (the black man with no moustache) and the church was demolished. The name “Ağrı” might have been given by the Turkish government because of the Ağrı rebellion.

This is a very poor region with extremely cold winters. Most people live by grazing animals on the mountainside. Few people manage to attend university; people tend to marry in their teens and families with ten or more children are common. The soldiers stationed here bring business to the restaurants and cafes of the town and there is also a certain amount of smuggling across the Iranian border.

The town provides only the most basic amenities like chemist’s shops and schools to the surrounding districts; the only social amenities are cafes where men gather to drink tea and smoke cigarettes. There are no bars or cinemas. The only theatre is the occasional state-sponsored travelling shows that perform in one of the schools.

Mount Ararat is the highest point of whole Turkey and this mountain gives name to city Agri (Mt. Ararat refered Agri in Turkish language).

Dominating the plains surrounding Dogubayazit in the far east of Turkey near the Iranian border, snowcapped Mt Ararat is often said to be the pace where Noah’s Ark finally came to rest.

The mountain actually has twin peaks: Buyuk Agri(Big Ararat, 5165m) and Kucuk Agri (Little Ararat, 3925m). The three-day climb up Buyuk Agri will be a highlight of a visit to this area for enthusiastic outdoor types.

Venturing up it is a serious matter not to be entered into without proper planning. The usual course of action is to take at least three days about the venture, climbing with a guide and porters.

Since 2010 it’s been possible for local guides to obtain the necessary permits to climb the mountain in one day. There’s also a shop in Dogubayazit that sells basic mountaineering and camping gear, although you’re probably better off bringing your own.

The climbing season runs from June through to September, and if you make it to the top you will no doubt look back on your visit to Dogubayazit with great affection.

Less hardy types will need to look for a hotel room with a view in Dogubayazit and then hope for a clear day.

Winters are very long and gets a low of snowing one of the coldest place of Turkey which sometimes gets up to -45C in winter. City is one of the tourism center of eastern Anatolia because of it’s natural beauties

Hand made stuffs of the area such as carpet,rugs, kilims, and various type of stuffs made out of wheal and rye stems are quite popular.

Would a person travel from one end of a country to the other just to see a mountain? He would. Especially if that mountain is Agri. I did, and it was one of the most unforgettable trips of my life. Just one look at Mt. Agri is enough to remind a person of what kind of place they live in. The great Russian poet Pushkin came to the foothills of Agri in 1829 and said: “I looked with all my might at this legendary mountain.” I did the same in 1989. I looked with all my might. I wandered in its foothills. And I read a book, ‘Return to Agri’. Agri, where Father Noah, prophets, priests and eagles all lived and breathed in another time. This is not a Swiss mountain. This is the cradle of mankind, the most famous mountain in the world…

Agri local cuisine is very rich and tasty. Some of the local dishes are Halise (made of wheat and rabbit meat), Hingel ( kind of ravioli dish with mince), Ayran Asi (soup with yoghurt and wheat), Selekeli (meat dish) and famous Abdigor meatballs. Good restaurants are Asmali Konak, Ehli Kebap, Sark Sofrasi and Saray Restaurant.

There is few good hotels in Agri city. Ani Plaza Hotel, Shirak Hotel, Europe Hotel, Hrazdan Hotel etc.

Districts of Agri Province



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