Afyonkarahisar city 417 km (259 mile) to Cappadocia and 347 km (215 mile) away from Izmir. Afyonkarahisar or Afyon located in Aegean region is a natural curve because of it’s geographically location. The roads and highways from Ankara to Izmir, Istanbul to Antalya intersect in this city therefore there are many stop and rest spot on the main road of the city.

It is a potentially tourism and touristic center for it’s rich history background. The city was ruled by Hitities, Phrygians (Phrygia), Lydia, Ancient Rome and Byzantium and has been an important location for Seljuks and Ottoman Empire.

It is possible to see the footprints of the history and the works of the architectural structure in our present days. Ataturk planned the great victory in 1922 that took place in Dumlupinar this plan was made in the building which is being served as Afyon Victory Museum in present. The historic pictures , guns & weapons and the other stuffs from this battle are being displayed in this museum.

The city is famous with it’s spas, healing waters / springs, natural beauties and with it’s rich local kitchen.  Afyon (Opium) is the abbreviated name for Afyonkarahisar (Opium Black Castle), a fast-growing town in Western Anatolia. You might think that a town called Afyon would attract a great deal of attention if only out of curiosity about somewhere whose name means “opium”. Unfortunately for Afyonkarahisar (to give it its more unwieldy full name) the lure of the poppies has not proved strong enough to divert more than a few stray tourists away from the better-known attractions of other Western Anatolian  destinations such as Pamukkale and Konya. Those who do come to Afyon, perhaps anticipating something a little Wild Westish, actually find a respectable small town which just happens to be in the part of Turkey responsible for producing 25 per cent of the world’s legal pharmaceutical opium.

Once we mention about Afyon we would be thinking of Turkish delight which is special for the area and other sweet and tasty foods of the city.

Afyon is especially famous with its natural clotted milk cream, but it would be a mistake if you don’t use it with a delicious dessert! So that, they invented a very simple but simply perfect sweetie to be served with clotted cream. I have to warn you first since Ekmek Kadayifi is nothing for people with diabetes or with sugar sensitivity. And I have to warn you twice that 1 portion is never enough! By the way, this is a very simple dessert, because it is a loaf of bread! Curious? Just try…Ikbal Restaurant, In the town centre opposite the covered market this brightly lit lokanta has been dishing up good food to locals since 1922. A great selection of soups, stews and kebabs can be followed with one of the tasty desserts on display in a glass cae – the vişneli ekmek kadayıf, a cherry-flavoured sponge dessert, is especially delicious with the thick, chewy local kaymak (cream).

Afyonkarahisar has many good thermal and good hotels. Gural Afyon Wellness & Convection, Cakmak Marble Hotel, Anemon Afyon Spa Hotel, Korel Thermal Resort, Ikbal Thermal Hotel, Dundar Thermal Apart Hotel, Yasar Hotel etc.

Districts of Afyonkarahisar Province






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