Adiyaman city 361 mile to Cappadocia and 603 mile away from Antalya. Adiyaman which is located in south-east part of Turkey and a very fast growing city in the country. It was named “Hisn-i Mansur” in arabic language (Castle of Mansur) back until 1926. The city was then renamed to Adi-yaman.

This city is almost a fuly industrial place , besides this because of the adventage that Ataturk barrage gives the area this city then became more rich in articulture and more festile.

Kahta District located in Nemrut Mountain.The graves, temples and the statues of kings are extremely interesting for tourists. The province has recorded great developments in agriculture thanks to the introduction of irrigation with the GAP project, and industrialization has accelerated in recent years.

There are ruins which goes back to be belong to very long time. Acquiring a history tracing back to 40.000 B.C. according to the researches committed in the Palanli Cave, Adiyaman is located at the end of the west of the Southeast Anatolian Region within the Middle Euphrates Division. The city rises at the north end of the land encompassing the Arabian Deserts as a moon at the north. This moon like part is named as ‘Fertile Lands’. At this land on the intersection of the main trade roads, many huge commercial and industrial cities was constructed and collapsed. Adiyaman was favored as a settlement area throughout the history in conformity with its geographical offset.

The Commagene State was founded in the first century B.C. on the lands of the Adiyaman Province of today. King Antiochus I, who was known to be an art lover, decided that his grave should be at the summit of Nemrut Mountain and said, “Those who come to visit my grave should wear their most beautiful clothes and the most fragrant perfumes. I will give them happiness and prosperity for generations on these lands.” In fact, the Nemrut Mountain National Park and the summit of Nemrut Mountain, with its impressive silhouette at a height of 2150 meters, is the place in the province visited the most by domestic and foreign tourists, with its natural beauty and historical assets.

Adiyaman has a rich various of public culture. This city whish is special for its careograpy and the local dressing is famous for its local folklor dance. Tradation hand-made arts, kilims, and carpet veawing is quite popular.

Adiyaman has few good hotels. Zeus Hotel, Grand Isias Hotel, Hotel Grand Iskender, New Kommagene Hotel etc.

Districts of Adiyaman Province





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