Adana city 159 mile to Cappadocia and 160 mile away from Antalya. Adana is fifth biggest city of Turkey after Istanbul , Izmir , Bursa and Ankara on a population based compare. It has the advantage of being the industrial and trade center of Mediterranean region. It has a big affect on the country economy as it has a very large of capital investment.

Being in a fertile land made this city a very important central location which goes back up to Hittites for hundred of years. Therefore there are quite big amount of historical, cultural and touristic sides, ruins and arts are the important tourism materials of the city.

Adana which has been land for various of civilizations in history is amazing with its natural beauties. There are plenty of places which are suitable for walking tours, vacations , nature photographing , mountain sports, camping and for hunting. Especially Lakes, Plato big green forests Camping area and the famous Toros mountains are hot spots for those nature lovers.

Besides these histroic and nature beauties and has a very large and rich kitcen in Turkey. Adana’s local kitchen is very rich in variety and the color of the dishes that we can mainly list those; Adana kebap, biryan kebap, metaballs, deserts, salads and spicies specil for the city etc. Terrace Restaurant is one of Adana’s enduring establishments for high quality food in a sophisticated atmosphere. Their menu is a perfect blend of Turkish specialties and western options.  I’m told that the owner is a very serious foodie and this is why the standards of quality have remained high for so long. Terrace’s Valentine’s Day program consists of a fixed menu of Cheese platter, hot and cold Turkish appetizers, spring rolls, a main course of fish or chicken and deserts. Another good restaurant called Gazi Pasa Restaurant, and  I’m very fond of the place. This could possibly be the most sophisticated place to have true Adana Kebap in the world.  If you want to have traditional Turkish food but want the luxury of a fancy restaurant, Gazi Pasa Restaurant is the perfect place for you.

Adana has many hotels for accommodation. Adana hotels are; Hilton Hotel, Otel Inci, Otel Seyhan, Masel Hotel, Hotel Senbayrak City, Surmeli Adana Hotel, Hotel Bosnali, Ibis Adana etc.

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