Yumurtalik Ruins is 94 km (58 mile) far to Adana centurum. The foundation date of Ayas isn’t known certainly by anybody. It is famous with its one of the three asklepieion temple like the one in Bergama in Helenistic epoch. Ayas, which went on developing in Roman Empire period, became one of the most important coastal cities of East, opening to the Medeterian Sea. Especially, dealers from Genoa and Venice built colonies in Aigaiai Port. Well-known merchant Marco Polo touched land in that port to visit China in 1268 and after finishing his tour; he took on ship and returned to Venice from this port. Also, Ayas and Atlas Castles, three floored observation tower built in Kanuni Sultan Suleyman period, Ottoman and Roman Baths increase the historical wealth of city.

Address: Yumurtalik – Adana
Phone: +90.322 454 3855
Admission: Free

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