Uludağ National Park is 9 km (5 mile) far to Bursa centurum. Mythological name of Uludag which gave its name to the National Park is Olymposmysios. During the Ottoman Empire, Uludag was known as Kesis Mountain and it received today’s name of Uludag in 1925.

Uludag National Park has the highest altitude in the Western Anatolia Region with 2543 meters.   71% of the National Park is forest, 28% is meadowlands and rocky areas (Alpine Region), 0.4% is open areas, 0.1% is covered with water and 0.8% of it is a residential area.  Uludag National Park has extraordinary natural beauties, forests and a wealth of floras and faunas.

Uludag National Park has rich vegetation that has both Alpine and endemic plants specific to Turkey and Uludag.  There are 104 endemic species detected in Uludag and 32 of those are Uludag endemics.  There are 46 species of butterflies living in the Uludag National Park as well as having an Uludag specific endemic breed of Apollo butterfly (Parnassius Apollo L.).

To a certain extent, the rich vegetation of Uludag is caused by its location between the Mediterranean and the European-Siberian floristic regions.  In its flora, there is 63% of Euro-Siberian element and 31% of Mediterranean element.

It is also known that in Uludag’s flora, there is a %6 of Iranian-Turanian floristic element as well.  Because of its interesting features, Uludag has been the focus of attention of the botanists for a long time.

Address: Osmangazi – Bursa
Admission: Free

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