Turkish-Islamic Works Museum is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Edirne centurum. The museum was opened in the Koranic College Medrese of Selimiye Mosque in 1925. It was reorganised in 1971. In the entrance gallery of the museum are stone inscriptions from the Ottoman period taken from buildings that are no longer standing, such as mosques, caravanserais, hamams (Turkish baths), drinking fountains etc. Also there are Ottoman period tiles, hand written copies of the Holy Koran, embroidery, weapons and glass objects.

In the large hall is a ceremonial tent made of embroidered satin, in which the viziers used to conduct their state affairs. The tent dates from the Ottoman period.

In the other rooms are exhibited an Edirne cupboard, lecterns and carved wooden doors from the Beyazit II Kulliye, and kitchen utensils taken from palaces and houses.

A separate section is decorated with medallions, healing cups, and inscriptions written by famous calligraphers belonging to the Mevlevi dervishes.

In the central garden are gravestones dating from the fifteenth century onwards, of men, women and janissaries. The most important of these, is that of the wife of Sultan Fatih, Siddi Sah Sultan.

Open daily between 08:30-17:00 except Mondays.
Address: Selimiye Camii Külliyesi, Darulhadis Medresesi – Edirne
Phone: +90.284.225 1625
Admission: 3 TL

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